Bug 2: Cross Domain iframe

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Instructions: Place focus on the first input below. This should hide the iframe below the keyboard. Then scroll down to the input in the iframe and select it.

This bug is that you can't put the focus in the iframe input when the iframe is offscreen with the keyboard open from a different field.
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(This doesn't seem to help this bug...)

If you place the focus in the input below (which should keep the iframe in the viewport) then it typically allows you to place the input into the iframe field from there.

Three criteria are needed for this:
  1. Cross-origin iframe source (example with just this changed)
  2. Parent page is attaching an event listener to either touchstart, touchmove or touchend (example with just this changed)
  3. The iframe’s field is off-screen when a different field has focus and keyboard present (example with just this changed)

Scroll down for another input that should put the iframe off screen.